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The Board (from L-R): Amir Ahmad (Malaysian Embassy Diplomatic Advisor),

Alimatar Garangan ll (Corporate Secretary), Eric Yam (Vice President), Azhar Mahmood (Treasurer),

Edward Ling (President)


Edward Ling


A Malaysian with over a decade of experience in the Philippines as an entrepreneur and who has successfully built his group of companies in the health and wellness industry. Among his notable achievements is the success in building a Malaysian brand of wellness products and turning it into a market leader in the Philippines. He was a Past President of both the Malaysian Association of the Philippines (MAP) and Foreign Chamber Council of the Philippines (FCCP). He is also the Co-National Director of Business Network International (BNI) Philippines and President of Global Business Integrated Holdings, Inc.
which has under its wings several companies.

Eric Yam

Vice President

A Malaysian consultant based in the Philippines with an extensive network who specializes in market development, brand positioning, strategic planning and management. He was elected into the Board of Trustees of the Malaysian Association of the Philippines (MAP) as Chair of Corporate Communications for four consecutive terms. As a consultant, he has helped companies of various industries from Malaysia and other regions to successfully
establish their businesses here in the Philippines. He is also the founder and President of a leading brand of products and services related to the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster
Response (HADR) industry which serves both the Corporate and Government sectors here in the Philippines.

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Azhar Mahmood


A Malaysian specialized in the field of accounting and finance. Promoted from his ranks, he was transferred from Malaysia as a Financial Controller to head the finance department of a hotel in the Philippines. He was elected into the Board of Trustees as its Treasurer for the Malaysian Association of the Philippines (MAP). The company he works for is a Malaysian conglomerate which has its presence in almost every part of the globe in various sectors, including property development, automobile, hotel, F&B, communications, sports, infrastructure and construction, thus providing him with the vast experience and exposure in the field of financial management for different industries.

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Ms. Siti Azlina

Trade Commissioner

Alimatar N. Garanagan II

Corporate Secretary

A Filipino who hails from a family of Royal descendants from the South. He brings to the Chamber a wealth of experience and expertise through his more than two decades of involvement in both the political and corporate scenes. He is the President of Business Network International Philippines (Alabang Chapter) and Rotary International Las Pinas Central President 2017-2018. He is also the President of various companies which provide specialized services in various sectors such as Corporate Registrations, Business Consultancy, BPO Outsourcing, Manpower Planning, Immigration Visa Processing, Legal Services and also in the field of Corporate and Private Security.

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